Print under Plexiglas® - Plexi Collage

Print under Plexiglas® - Plexi Collage

An artisanal work for a unique work
A careful, mastered and controlled treatment.

A rendering offering an incomparable depth to visuals, photographs or illustrations, the plexi print is an excellent finish for a very contemporary decoration.

With deep blacks, bright whites and optimal color saturation, your prints will embellish interiors... Yours, in galleries and among collectors who appreciate this finish.


Commander un tirame sous plexiglas, plexi collage d'Art


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Extracts of the prices (excl. VAT) of prints under Plexiglas - Plexicollage (Dibond 3 mm + Plexiglas 4 mm)
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Formats Tirage en plexicollage Sur châssis rentrant En caisse américaine
Formats 2/3
30 x 45 cm 100,55 € 128,45 € 141,91 €
40 x 60 cm 141,81 € 172,24 € 196,95 €
50 x 75 cm 191,98 € 235,09 € 260,91 €
60 x 90 cm 261,90 € 317,69 € 344,61 €
80 x 120 cm 420,30 € 491,31 € 530,58 €



Print under Plexiglas® - Plexi Collage

We do not make any compromise in terms of quality, that's why we use exclusively the Plexiglas® brand, for the realization of your photographs in plexicollage and thus guarantee the stability of your work in time, with a manufacturer's guarantee "anti-yellowing of 30 years". Your photograph is glued between a 3mm Dibond and a 4mm Plexiglas® to create a unique piece.

Our plexicollage process is entirely done in our workshop, from the preparation of the print to the installation of the Plexiglas®, including the assembly with the Dibond and the finishing. Each step is carried out with meticulous precision and care to ensure that your plexiglassing meets your highest expectations.

Discover the difference with our plexi printing technique and create a breathtaking work of art that will last a lifetime. To decorate your home or to satisfy the most demanding collectors, we are at your disposal to bring you all our expertise.


Soin et précision des gestes
Plexiglas ou plexi collage, décoration d'intérieur, exposition galerie

Coupe et finition soignée
Plexiglas ou plexi collage, décoration d'intérieur, exposition galerie



- Glossy : Plexiglass-glued thickness 7 mm (Plexiglas 4 mm + Dibond 3 mm)
- Matte: Plexiglas glued 6 mm thick (3 mm anti-reflective Plexiglas + 3 mm Dibond)

Three ways to present your photograph under Plexiglas®.

- On an inset frame - an aluminum frame recessed by about 10 to 15 cm is glued to the back of the Dibond in order to lift the photo off your wall and reinforce the feeling of depth and volume.

- In an American box - the ultimate finish and a very high-end presentation, your work is placed in an American box made of black matte aluminum. Your photograph floats in its frame, without touching the edges.

- With spacers - With or without drilling, our spacers will allow you to attach your prints under Plexiglas® with elegance and sobriety. Each bag includes a set of 4 spacers, 4 pegs and 4 screws.


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